Avoid Floods, Use the Rucika Rainwater System

Rucika Rainwater Systems

Heavy rain can cause flooding especially in urban areas such as Jakarta. As has just happened, floods that have rarely been heard in recent years in various areas in Jakarta, were again seen in the Senayan Jakarta area, 17 December 2019 afternoon. The rain which flushed one of the shopping centers in the capital made

Why Floods in Japan are Clear, This is the Reason!

Why Floods in Japan are Clear, This is the Reason

Floods or high puddles that just happened in Jakarta, remind us of the floods that hit Japan last October. Yes, Typhoon Hagibis, which hit Japan, affected flooding in several locations, such as Tokyo, Shizouka and Chiba, which became viral due to the clear and clean water color. Why flood water can be clean and clear?

Historical Buildings in the 50s, Use PP-R Pipes and PVC According to Current Needs

Historical Buildings in the 50s, Use PP-R Pipes and PVC According to Current Needs

Who doesn’t know the Bank Indonesia Building in Thamrin Jakarta and Parahyangan University in Bandung? Yes, you must be familiar with the names of these two-story buildings, especially the long-standing building in Indonesia has its own history in each city. The Bank Indonesia building on Jalan Thamrin, whose construction began in 1958, is engaged in

Taman Ria Mall and Paradise Walk Mall Use Silent Pipe, PP-R and Rucika Standard

Taman Ria Mall and Mall Paradise Walk

The mall is still potential. This is the opinion of the developers of the multi-storey building sector, especially shopping. The mall is now not only a place to shop, but also as a community destination for entertainment, eating and drinking as well as hanging out with friends. The lifestyle of modern people who also like

Taman Ganesha ITB Use a Rainwater Storage System from Rucika

Taman Ganesha Menggunakan Rucika Rainwater System

Taman Ganesha ITB is certainly no stranger to our ears. The park which is located in Bandung is very beautiful and is a favorite place to relax not only with friends, but also with family. It has a very large area, lots of shady trees, a fountain pond and is equipped with park bench facilities

Rucika Rainwater System Simple Infiltration Technology for Housing

Rucika Rainwater System Teknologi Resapan Sederhana Untuk Perumahan

Indonesia as a tropical region which has 2 seasons, namely the rainy and dry seasons can affect daily water needs. During the rainy season, of course we will not worry about water needs, but what if the rainfall is excessive and there is no adequate water reservoir? Surely this will cause flooding and make daily

Installing Various Types of Rucika Pipes in Swiss-Belhotel, Bogor

Instalasi Berbagai Jenis Pipa Rucika di Swiss-Belhotel, Bogor

The comfort of visitors is one thing that is highly considered by every hotel manager, both local and international. The services and facilities provided to visitors should be the best as is done by one of the newest hotels in Bogor. Behind adequate facilities for each visitor, the choice of building materials was chosen for

Use Rucika Standard AW and D Water Pipes as Needed

Rucika Standard AW dan D Sesuai Kebutuhan

Rucika as a plastic piping manufacturer which has been present for more than 40 years in Indonesia has developed various types of plastic pipes that can be used for various applications. Starting from pressurized clean water pipes to pipes that are devoted to running water at high temperatures. However, many people in Indonesia do not

The Process Of Connecting Pipes With RUGlue Does Not Need To Be Rotated

The process of connecting PVC pipes and fittings using glue is a very popular connection method in Indonesia because PVC pipe glue is very easy to obtain in big cities in Indonesia. However, the selection of glue must be in accordance with the specifications and needs of the pipe installation because using the best glue

Food Grade in Plastic Pipes

Water is a primary need that cannot be replaced by any substance. From thousands of years ago humans have been looking for various ways to be able to flow water from sources to their settlements. As time has evolved, human needs have also increased, which used to only use an open flow system for clean