The Importance of Household Liquid Waste Management

The increase in human activities in the household resulted in an increase in the amount of liquid waste. Sources of household liquid waste are organic, namely from food scraps and detergents containing phosphorus. Liquid waste can increase the value of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and pH of the water. This situation causes pollution which causes

Hot Cold Today’s Industry

Panas Dingin Industri Masa Kini

Industry is a sector that in its operations requires pipes to carry fluids, both liquid and gas. Of course, the use of pipes in industry is different from that at home in general. In general, the fluid being flowed also has unusual characteristics, such as high or low fluid temperature, high fluid pressure, or fluid

Urban Drainage and Application of Flood Control Systems in Japan

Drainase Kota dan Penerapan Sistem Pengendalian Banjir di Jepang

Drainage is an important element in urban infrastructure planning because it is closely related to sanitation and residential comfort. Drainage itself is defined as the removal of a mass of water either naturally or artificially from a surface or below the surface of a place. In urban areas, the drainage system is used to drain

Rucika’s Story Will Come with a New Format

Cerita Rucika Akan Hadir dengan Format Baru

Rucika’s friends already know that Rucika has unique programs about piping that you can watch onYouTube. As if she doesn’t want to miss the digital era, Rucika also participates in providing education through various programs on YouTube, ranging from DIY pipes, even talking about Talkshows on the Homecoming Hours program. But there is something different

7 Siraman Traditional Springs

7 Sumber Mata Air Adat Siraman

Indonesia is a country that has many cultures in it. Each region has local wisdom that is very well preserved from time immemorial. Like the siraman tradition, the culture has been passed on from generation to generation. And until now we can still see the cultural heritage. This custom is very close to the water.

Why is Japan’s sewers clean?

Kenapa Air diselokan Jepang Bisa Bersih?

Rucika’s friends would agree that Japan is a very clean country. The waters of the sewers in Japan are so clear that they can be used as a habitat for koi fish. Seeing this, maybe the sewers in Japan can be one of the cleanest sewers in the world. Not only in Japan, but also

Rucika Exoplast is Suitable for Irrigating Water in Urban Areas

Rucika Exoplas Cocok Untuk Mengairi Air di Perkotaan

In the midst of the high demand for clean water in urban areas, the piping system is a very important instrument so that the need for clean water supply can be properly distributed. There are many aspects that must be considered, starting from the environment, water sources and much more. Seeing this, PT. Wahana Duta

Rucika Ready to Air With Various Regional Languages

Rucika siap mengudara dengan berbagai macam bahasa daerah

Did you know that PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika has been established for almost 50 years in Indonesia accompanying the community in meeting their needs for a piping system in their homes and other buildings. Thanks to the trust of Rucika’s loyal customers in the piping system products manufactured by PT. Wahana Duta Jaya Rucika,

Create Hygienic Sewerage

Special Fitting Backflow Valve Ciptakan Saluran Air Buangan Higienis

Proper sewerage planning is very important to create a clean environment to support a healthy life. Because the environment has a very large influence on the quality of human health, which is followed by healthy living behavior. Likewise, in a piping installation, we recognize the existence of clean water channels and waste water channels. Important